11 Haziran 2010 Cuma

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"Mehrhaba Bülent, nasılsın?
Let me give you a small briefing please:
My name is Pavlos Malamos and I come from a small mountain village in the hills of Ioannina. My family earns its origin from Souli a famous historical area in Epeirus. Currently I live and work in Athens.
I am very glad about your blog in internet regarding Ioannina, as a descendant of Esat Pasa who graduated the same school as my parents (Zosimaia). You did a great work and I would like to congratulate you for this.
Myself, I am a very enthousisatic fan of history and tradition of Ioannina and Epirus overall, so I think we have a lot of common interests and we can share a lot of informations.
The name of my village is Kontovraki (today Dafnoula) and it is located in the hills of Driskos. A Turkish guard resided there in a fortress (Saray). The mother of my grandmother used to tell us a lot of stories about their co-existence with the Turkish troops in the village.
I cant wait to read your book "Yanya'nın Gözyaşları", but unfortunately I dont understand your language. I hope some of my Turkish mates will help me through. Is there any hope for a translation(I speak also German)?
I would be happy if we can keep contact and exchange our experiences and informations.
Looking forward for your response

Pavlos Malamos"

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