21 Haziran 2009 Pazar


Geçenlerde aşağıdaki e-postayı aldım ve
sizlerle paylaşmam gerektiğine inandım:
My name is Aris Spyrou and I come from Ioannina. I am professor of electronics in secondary education.
I find your blog very interesting as I am interested in the history of the town I grew up.
I can read in your blog, although I don't speak Turkish, your love for Ioannina...
I can also read how horrible our ansesters could be to each other and I feel guilty and horrified...
I have been to Istanbul once and I am planning an other trip next month as Egnatia now makes it so much easier for us... This time I will have my parents and my 8 year old son with me.
I would be iterested to meet and talk to Yanyilars? if there are any in Istanbul who speak English, French or Greek. Do you have a Yanyilar club or something similar?
Kind Regards,Aris Spyrou"

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