27 Nisan 2014 Pazar

Yanya müstahkem mevki komutanı, Çanakkale komutanlarından, 1915'te 3. Ordu komutanı olan Yanyalı Kaçi Vehip Paşa'nın Erzincan'a girdiğinde karşılaştığı manzara. İbret olsun diye...

General Mehmed Wehib Pasha, commander of the third Ottoman Army depicts the liberation of the town of Erzincan:

“I saw villages so devastated that no hut escaped undemolished. The trees were cut off in all the orchards, and all the villagers are dead. History has never before recorded such atrocities as those committed by the Armenians in Erzincan. For three days all we did was to gather the corpses of the killed Muslims which had been thrown away by the Armenians. Among these innocent victims there were not yet baptised babies, ninety year old women and men, all quartered into pieces”.

Kaynak: http://www.ionutcojocaru.ro/turkey-and-armenia-irreconcilable-differences/

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