12 Ekim 2008 Pazar


Although we have lost Rumelia 95 years ago a great number of us left our hearts there. We only have the memories of the bravely defensed castles. One of them is Ionnia; having a significant importance in history it is the most charming city in the Epir region of Greece. It is a small, quiet place amazingly resembling a Turkish city. My family who had lived there since 1456 was compelled to migrate to Anatolia during the population exchance programma. I am a member of the second generation. Ionnia is the birthplace of my grandmother Zeliha Yenitar whom we have lived together for years (born in 1897) and my mother (born in 1919). It was not easy for my ancestors to leave Ioannina being their motherland nearly 500 years. On my arrival to Ionnia I was warmly welcomed. Then I wrote my book titled 'Tears of Ionnia'. I was greeted with respect when I told them about Esat Bülkat Pasha, the commander, being my relative. I created this blog to contact Ioannians and to share memories . Do not hesitate to contact me (bkocamemi@gmail.com). Hello and welcome

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